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About Us

Harry Hoo started making Dim Sims for our industrial take-away customers in suburban Melbourne, Australia in 1996.  The reputation of our product soon spread to other shops and they in turn approached us to supply them to their shops and outlets.

Thus a wholesale market that spread from Moorabbin to Hallam and down to Blairgowrie developed.

After some years servicing these markets, the retail outlets were sold, allowing us to sell at craft and farmers markets.

Harry Hoo can now be found at Farmers, Craft and Community Markets in and around Melbourne every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The History of the Dim Sim (Australia)

Since 1945 Dim Sims have been a favourite in Australia.

Elizabeth Cheongs father William Wing Young,  who is believed to have  produced the most widely used modern recipe in

1945 in  his restaurant, Wing Lee.

"My father was the first to  create the style and shape and the commercial production of the dim sim. He chose the thick skin for ease of transport and used to deliver then in his chevy to the football where he set up in competition with the Four-and-twenty pie! Before long his factory was producing thousands of them for sale throughtout Australia."

"Elizabeth Cheong"

Harry Hoo product tries to encapsulate the authenticity of the orginal Dim Sim, using quality and fresh ingredients.Harry Hoo uses low fat meat and local farm products, where practicable.



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